Customer Tsunami

Our best-selling online course and certification about reliably attracting customers that pay, stay and refer.


Have you ever wondered why some companies are more successful than others?

They simply have a reliable way to attract a steady flow of new customers every day.

They don't struggle to try and fail every week new tactics. They do the same thing that work again and again, every single day. They have peace of mind.

This is the goal of this course, creates such system for your specific industry.


We promise that, if you follow our system, you'll attract a constant and reliable flow of customers without guessing, even if you're 90 years old and tech illiterate, by showing them every day an offer they can't resist, crafted with our dead simple process.

Imagine how would be your life if you had every day messages from customers willing to order.

Imagine how it would impact your lifestyle, family and relationships. What would you do with a bigger and constant flow of money?

However, even if our method is battle-proofed, it's definitely not for people who are not ready to work hard every day. There is no secret : money comes from hard work.


We have a 10-module course that focus precisely on that.

Each module has a test to check you really understood the concepts, and there is a final exam certification at the end.

The course can be done either online, on our platform, or in-person with us, during a very intense 4-day immersion in Georgia (the country, not the USA state).

The online version is more flexible, but the immersion version is the best anti-procrastination solution.

1. Vision

There is no use of going to war without a clear picture of WHY you're putting everything on the line.

That module is precisely about that : finding your why. Finding what you want bad enough to be able to stay disciplined among the path, and give you the strength to overcome every obstacle.

2. Mindset

Your toughest enemy is not your competition, it's yourself.

You're probably full of limited belief, wrong assumptions, and simply false convictions.

This module is all about cleaned all these brakes that prevented you from being magnetically attractive for your customers.

3. Customer Understanding

How are you going to make an offer they can't refuse if you limit yourself to a superficial knowledge of them, based on guesswork and personal assumptions? You simply can't.

That's why we created a step by step, dead simple process to collect the key information you really need.

There is 29 questions you want clear answer, and most of them are very counterintuitive. But they are what we call a raw material to build your empire.

4. Offer

Once you have read their mind, we'll show you how to create a "sniper offer", which is an offer so attractive in their specific situation they can't refuse it.

It's all based on data you collected previously and ordered in a way to make it so compelling they will buy it on the spot because it's an instant reliever of what really hurts them.

5. Interviews

When you have an incredible offer, you got to show it to the world, right?

The two most efficient ways to put it in front of the right people are advertisements and "other sellers customers".

We'll show you how to reach out and interview top influencers in your industry in a very specific way that will make them want to show the interview to all their followers.

Basically, we're going to craft interview that highlight how smart they are and how powerful are their products, and how yours can be a great addition. This way, they'll LOVE to show the interview to as many people as they can.

6. Social Networks

We are going to show you timeless principles about how to reach out people, whether it's on Facebook or Linkedin, how to avoid harassing them, and how to craft compelling messages to make them want to know more about your offers.

We are also going to show you weird but very effective ways to reach out people. You'll have all the best techniques we have tested, and most of them are yet unknown to the general public.

7. Video

Video is an amazing way to convey information about your offers, but there is definitely ways to do it properly.

We are not going to talk about technology (like, what camera, lighting or background you should use), but what you are going to say.

The very core of your message, and how to take advantage specifically of this medium.

8. Copywriting

Copywriting is a salesman in print.

It's the art of showing them how your offer can solve their deep desires, and it's all about making them realize how painful is their problem, and why they should seek a definitive solution right now.

We are going to dive in fundamental psychology of influence and persuasion to do this.

We are not talking about tricks here, but how the brain makes decision and what are the general principles you must follow in every content you create.

9. Daily Content

Once people discovered you, they may not have the problem you solve right now. Maybe their situation is bearable at this point, and maybe it will deteriorate in the future.

With daily content, whether it's email, YouTube, podcast, Facebook or Instagram posts, you are sure to be there the very day they'll need you.

But you need to follow our very specific rules when you create your content, because this content needs to be both (1) interesting to keep their attention even months later and (2) giving them a natural desire to buy without being salesy.

10. Selling

The art of selling with our famous 5-step closing technique that works for any product or services.

It works especially well with smart, skeptical and doubtful customers who are not sure about if they are going to buy or not. And it's as simple and natural as chatting with a friend.


CCA online course that you can do at your pace cost $2,000.

How to get it

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