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Morata & Kohlmann

Florian Morata is an engineer and former Airbus sales trainer who managed a software development company for 8 years and has been a university teacher at one of the most prestigious French universities (UPMC).

Jérémy Kohlmann is a former communication consultant and fashion brand founder with a passion about influence and persuasion.

Customer Tsunami

We help entrepreneurs grow to their next level by attracting a flood of customers that pay well.


If we like you, if you're passionate about something and already hard-working to reach the top, we might start a business with you.

We focus on 10-100 million dollars a year revenue services projects that target small businesses.

We provide a flood of customers, a hotshot sales team, an international law and administrative support, and all the human resources you will need to conquer the world.

To sum up, we make you captain of a battleship. In exchange, we are looking for geniuses of an industry.

You can't apply for this, we handpick the most promising people in our customers pool.


Fruit of our partnerships, we created a network of agencies in various fields :

Marketing, copywriting, facebook and youtube ads, video editing, voice-over, website creation, graphic design, ghostwriters, translation, accouting, business and fiscal law, invoice management and debt collection, virtual assistants, customer support, call center, sales team on deman, human ressources, etc..

Every single service needed to attract your clients, and designed with that sole purpose in mind.

We have two guidelines : we hire only the smartest people to fully understand your vision, and we have within-the-hour blazing fast response time. We want the best, and we want it now.


Live with us in one of our residences/village in Georgia (the country, not the USA state)

Currently we have one 450m2 villa in Tbilisi and we plan to build a small eco-village in the mountains. The villa is currently full and 13 people are on the line to live here. We work hard to open the eco-village before the end of summer 2019.

You can't apply to live with us right now.


We support entrepreneurs who work hard to provide to their family.

We do non-profit micro-credit for farmers and small shops around the world to help people who act and take risk to change their family's destiny.

Micro-lending means that with a 2% default rate, the same amount of money can be loaned 50 times before statistically be lost. This way 50 families can be helped with a single donation.

Plus it sends the right signal : it's not a gift, you don't own us anything except working hard to pay it back, which is way better for a country than killing local market with free food.

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